Welcome To Pandakids Education Centres!


Panda English Education (Shanghai) has their own brand of education centres, which are starting to be built throughout China, with a modern and professional facilities to learn English from Native English-speaking teachers or Chinese English teachers to improve your child’s English level. Whether it is to increase your child’s speaking and reading skills or to increase your child’s overall English scores in school, Pandakids can help. We teach several versions of English reading skills, such as, North American Phonics, the British Phonics system (which is still taught is schools) and Jolly English (which is very similar to the North American Phonics system).

Panda English Education and Pandakids are founded by Barry Bird, who came to China from Canada in 2002. He has been teaching students of all ages from 18 months old to 86 years old and saw an important need for the younger generation of children to learn English as young as they possibly can. Barry (our founder) has written 16 English books in China and is an expert in regards to children learning abilities. He has used his education background to build a system where children are given the chance to learn and speak English as a second language, which will help the children for the future.

There is a huge demand for English in almost every industry and as a national business language, children will be required to learn this language to succeed in the future markets. Every country in the world is devoted to learn this international language so that they can they can have the same opportunities as most developed countries and China is one of the top developing countries in the world who want to take the lead, and Pandakids are determined to help the children of the future to achieve their English-speaking goals.

Our System is built around the normal schools’ system, allowing children to attend classes 7 days a week and based on 15-week semesters. We have award the children with certificates for completes each book, evaluation reports to the parents twice a year (so that parents can track their child’s progress) and we also have, special events throughout the year, allowing children to learn about westerners’ traditional holidays, such as: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc. We have designed a English curriculum that teaches children to enjoy English in a happy environment and gives a balance between what parents what in education and what children are looking for, which is enjoyment. A child who enjoys English will learn English without being forced to do something they don’t enjoy.