PandaKids Centres have a newly structured education system that all centres will be adopting as the company’s standard:

  1. PandaKids will have classes available 7 days a week – after school and weekends
  2. Pandakids courses will be based on 1 hour classes and given the choice of coming to class once, twice or three times a week
  3. Pandakids semesters will be 15 weeks in length, which is about 3 weeks less than a normal school semester, giving students the chance to study for the examinations
  4. The lessons will be broken down into several sections to improve their reading, understanding and speaking skills.
  5. Students will have special events throughout the year, allowing them to enjoy some of the western cultural events (Christmas, Halloween and Easter)
  6. Student will receive a certificate for each book completed, so that they will have something to show for their hard work.
  7. Parents will receive an evaluation report (report card) at the end of each semester, showing the students progress.
  8. At the end of each semester, parents will be invited to the Pandakids centres for a performance from the students, showing off the child’s talent and progress.

Our education centres are being structured in a manner similar to the government school system and arranged around the schools calendar, yet at the time time, we are offering shorter semesters, since most schools in China are based on 18 weeks (depending on the lunar calendar).

We have a variety of teaching materials that will be suitable for English learning, including some classes that uses the same books the schools use, to help the children raise their English score in their schools. With our Foreign and Chinese English teachers, we will be able to teach the students a few different methods of learning English, since most schools haven’t progressed in the methods of teaching English.

Learning English is much more than passing examinations and this is the way a lot of Chinese parents think. There is no use to learn a language unless you are able to speak it, understand it and use it. English has become the international language for most industries and English is much easier to learn at a young age than an adult. Good or high-end universities require English knowledge to enter their schools and it is a must for anyone planning to study overseas.